Personal Finance

Emlak Katılım Personal Finance is there for you for all your needs including travel, education, hajj/umrah and wedding expenses!

İhtiyaç Finansmanı
  • Personal Finance extends you the necessary finance for your personal needs pursuant to the principles of Participation Banking.
  • Personal Finance extends you the necessary finance for all your needs from travel to wedding expenses.
  • You can benefit from Personal Finance for your needs such as white appliances, furniture, television, computer, air conditioner etc...
  • Education Finance provides financing support for all education expenses at home and abroad. This finance covers primary school, high school, university and master’s degree education and language training as well. Its maximum term is 48 months. A proforma invoice can be used for the use of this financing. Alternative financing may be offered through a protocol signed between the relevant educational institution and Emlak Katılım.
  • Hajj/Umrah Financing extends you the necessary finance for the hajj/umrah payments to be made to Presidency of Religious Affairs and to tour operators for your travels to the holy lands. You can serve your Hajj/Umrah duties without running low on cash and benefit from terms of up to 60 months with budget-friendly profit shares. To benefit from this finance, tour operator must be authorized to make Umrah organization and be on the list announced by the Presidency of Religious Affairs.

Sample Hajj/Umrah Finance Table

Financing Amount Term Profit Margin Installment Amount Allocation Fee
30.000,00 ₺ 36 months 0,96% 1.022,76 ₺ 157,50 ₺
* You can visit our branches for Hajj and Umrah Financing application.