Support Personal Accident Insurance

Thanks to the Support Personal Accident Insurance, you protect yourself and your loved ones against unpleasant surprises of life.

Accidental Death Benefit: It provides material guarantee to ensure your loved ones to maintain their standard of life.

Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit: It provides financial support to meet your needs and prevent revenue loss when you become permanently disabled after an accident.

Accidental Medical Expenses: It covers the treatment expenses in a health institution within the scope of the policy coverage limits when you become injured after an accident.


Accidental Death

Accidental Permanent Disability

Accidental Medical Expenses

80.000 TL

80.000 TL

4.000 TL


Who can benefit?

Those who are between the ages 18 – 65 can benefit from this insurance. Moreover, it can be automatically extended until age 65 unless otherwise cancelled by you.

Support Personal Accident Insurance is offered by Katılım Emeklilik.

Emlak Katılım is the agent of Katılım Emeklilik A.Ş.